Kommentar zu Science Fiction und Politik

Auf dem Blog “MNU Planet” veröffentlichte ich einen Kommentar darüber, wie Science-Fiction-Filme unsere gesellschaftspolitischen Herausforderungen und Problematiken widerspiegeln: “What Science Fiction can tell us about World Politics”.

This article is published as part of Fridays With MUNPlanet, and its special series dedicated to world politics. The aim of this series is to bring you the analysis of global affairs by the established and upcoming scholars, decision-makers and policy analysts from various world regions. This week, Isabella Hermann writes about popular culture and its  being a valuable lens for understanding world politics. By drawing on the science-fiction classics such as Star Trek or the more recent movies (Children of Men, Matrix, The Congress, World War Z, District 9, Code 46,  Cargo,  Gattaca)  the author addresses the important questions of international relations such as borders and identities, governance and  future of the state,  and encounters with the other and different . She argues that science fiction enables us to “play and think through the dangers and possible solutions – or even act as avant-garde for social developments.”